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Eco-friendly, powerful and reliable, the innovative solution for gardening. The Stiga SBC 48 AE cordless brushcutter is the perfect example of what the new battery technology applied to gardening tools can do. Furthermore, a longer working time is ensured by the new generation of Stiga li-ion battery, allowing the user to cover a large area of the garden without pauses. Equipped with an innovative brushless 48V motor, the SBC 48 AE brush cutter provide a better usage of the power, increasing its global performances, efficiency and reliability. The brushcutter has a cutting width of 36 cm, while the straight shaft allows to use the included metal balde. Power source: Battery - 48V Cutting width: 36 cm Shaft type: Straight Working time: 30 minutes.
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SAP Code 272361008/S17
EAN code 8008984791251
Krachtbron Lithium-Ion accu
Type motor Zonder koolborstel - Inductie
Vermogen motor 235 W
Aanbevolen batterijvermogen 5.0 Ah
Maximale snelheid 5500 tpm
Maaibreedte 36 cm
Type nylonspoel TAP & GO Dubbele draad
Diameter nylondraad 2 mm
Type mes 4T (255 mm)
Type as Recht - deelbaar
Diameter buis 25,4 mm
Diameter binnenas 5 mm
Type handgreep Loop - Verstelbaar
Handvat met soft grip Ja
Harnas Enkel
Inbegrepen gereedschapskit -
Batterij inbegrepen Nee
Oplader batterij inbegrepen Nee
Nettogewicht 5,5 kg
Nettogewicht (zonder maaikop) 4,7 kg
Brutogewicht 7 kg
Afmetingen verpakking (LxBxH) 970 X 260 X 220 mm
Anti-vibratiesysteem (AVS) -
Trillingsniveau (handvat links/rechts) 3,0 / 3,11 m/s�
Geluidsniveau (LWA) 100 dB(A)
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Geen gegevens beschikbaar

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