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Comfort and silence, power and strength. The perfect performance of a petrol machine and the innovative features of a battery-powered device have blended in one tool. With its 80V technology using premium lithium ion batteries, the Stiga SBC 80 D AE meets the expectations of the most advanced gardening lovers. Tap and Go dual line cutting head: the brush cutter has a working width that can be set to 350 or 400 mm. For the most demanding tasks, the tool is also equipped with a 4-tooth metal blade (255 mm). Practical side housing: plug and unplug the battery in full comfort. Bike handle: the Stiga SBC 80 D AE brush cutter is designed with the highest comfort in mind. Energy safe button: a special feature for a better management of the brush cutter in different conditions. Battery: the recommended battery is the 2.5 Ah (sold separately). The brush cutter can also be connected to the 4.0 and 5.0 batteries using the Stiga battery harness (sold separately).
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SAP Code 272401088/S17
EAN code 8008984791299
Krachtbron Lithium-Ion accu
Type motor Zonder koolborstel - Inductie
Vermogen motor 250 W
Aanbevolen batterijvermogen 2.5 Ah
Maximale snelheid 5500 tpm
Maaibreedte 35-40 cm
Snijhoek Vast
Type nylonspoel TAP & GO Dubbele draad
Diameter nylondraad 2 mm
Type mes 4T (255 mm)
Type as Recht
Diameter buis 25,4 mm
Diameter binnenas 7 mm
Type handgreep Raivurikahvasto - säädettävä
Harnas Enkel
Batterij inbegrepen Nee
Oplader batterij inbegrepen Nee
Nettogewicht 5 kg
Nettogewicht (zonder maaikop) 4,6 kg
Brutogewicht 9,8 kg
Afmetingen verpakking (LxBxH) 320 X 230 X 1800 mm
Anti-vibratiesysteem (AVS) -
Trillingsniveau (handvat links/rechts) <2,5 / <2,5 m/s�
Geluidsniveau (LWA) 96 dB(A)
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Geen gegevens beschikbaar

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